Matthew Broderick Adams

Taken by  Beverly Mason

Taken by Beverly Mason


Growing up in South Florida, rich culture and heritage surrounded me. That rich culture and heritage deeply impacts the ways in which I view life today. Therefore, I approach every topic with a regard for it's impact on all cultures. 

I am passionate about communications on all fronts; Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing. These are areas of professional communication that impact people in profound and sometimes meaningful ways. My past work experience has taught me that I should never stop learning because communication never stops growing.  I am excited to be in a field that is constantly developing and impacting people in new ways. 

My top interests in life are photography and food. When it comes to photography, I love taking pictures of people. I believe that people have an inherent beauty and it is the job of the photographer to capture it. Secondly, I love food because it is a representation of people's culture in an edible form. Also, there is just something so profoundly beautiful about experiencing a meal with friends and family.

At the end of the day, my passions stem from a love for people. People matter most because we are meant to live in community. So why not make it one worth living in.